Welcome to Blue Air.

Blue Air is an international JAR approved pilot school located in Denmark, who cooporate with other pilot schools in Malta, Spainand Scotland.

In Denmark, the school is centrally located at Skive Airport in the middle of Jutland, where modular theoretical courses for: PPL (A), PPL (H) MEP (A), night VFR, and Danish and English radio license take place.

ATPL theory course is conducted in cooperation with another flight school.

A part of the theory courses is designed as home studies (distance learning) allowing you to study at suitable times; furthermore you might also be spared for many hours driving between home and school and travel expenses as well .

Blue Air has offices in countries with predominantly good weather, where after completion of theory courses you can perform practical flight training in a focused and coherent course over 2-3 weeks. By avoiding frequent cancellations due to bad weather conditions, expensive extra hours are avoided.

Transportation costs and time are reduced to a minimum for you because you will stay close to the airport during flight training, and since schooling takes place in countries with low rates of fees to the authorities, a favourable total cost of the pilot certificate is achieved.

As training often takes place at medium-sized international airports, you will from day one learn to get on with other air traffic, which sometimes can be busy both on ground and in the air. You will thus be well equipped to make use of your pilot license also in foreign airspace later on.

BLUE AIR educates in modular practical flight training for the following JAR certificates: PPL (A), PPL (H), CPL (A), IR(A), SEIR(A) MEP(A), MEIR (A) and night-VFR.

For the practical flight training, the following aircraft- and helicopter types are used: Tecnam P92J, Cessna172, Piper28R, Piper34 I and V, Robinson22 and Robinson44.

Do you feel tempted by the possibility of acquiring a pilot license, but would like to feel on your own body, how it is to sit as a pilot in an airplane or helicopter, you should contact the school and arrange a short lesson.

On the following pages you can read more about the various pilot certificates, trial lesson, see pictures from some of the school activities and study our price list.

You can download our brochures and read more about our pilot training.

Under the menu option: “Theory”, you can see examples of questions, as they are formulated at the theory test.

If you have any questions regarding pilot licenses or aviation, you are welcome to contact us by mail or telephone.

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